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Since 1992, nine ICCBM research conferences have been held, focusing on a number of themes important to development of the competence perspective:

Genk, Belgium, 1992
Brussels, Belgium, 1993
Gent, Belgium, 1995
Oslo, Norway, 1998
Helsinki, Finland, 2000
Lausanne, Switzerland, 2002
Antwerp, Belgium, 2005
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2008
Linz, Austria, 2011 (joint conference with SKM)

Similarly, seven SKM research conferences have been held (primarily in the German language):

Bochum, Germany, 1999
Mainz, Germany, 2001
Innsbruck, Austria, 2003
Bremen, Germany, 2005
Friedrichshafen, Germany, 2007
Marburg, Germany, 2009
Linz, Austria, 2011

So far, two International Conference on Competence-Based Strategic Management (ICCBSM) were held in:

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012
Magdeburg, Germany, 2013

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